It is interesting to know that several countries in the world are endowed with nature’s beauty, and Peru is not an exception. Peru is one of the world’s 10 megadiverse countries, which contains countless natural wonders with hundreds of endemic plant and animal species. This is a great tourist destination for lovers of nature. Apart from nature, the country is also famous for its delicious cuisines. There are different varieties of drinks that will keep you company during your tour. Here are some of the finest drinks in Peru that will make your tour an amazing experience.

Pisco Sour

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If you are a great lover of cocktail, you will find this drink enticing. Although known as the most famous Peruvian national drink, it is a cocktail invented by an American Lima. It is a very refreshing alcoholic drink prepared from grape, brandy, egg white, lime juice, and a little sugar. This is a drink enjoyed throughout the world, and I’m sure you will definitely want to have a taste of it.


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Almost everybody in the world enjoys beer, and the Peruvians are not an exemption. Beer is drunk more by the Peruvians than other drinks. Peru produces three major brands of beers: Pilsen Callao, Cristal, and Cusquena. Brewed in 1863, Pilsen Callao is known to be the oldest beer in Peru. There are similarities between Mexican Corona and Cristal, which is known to be the most popular lager among Peruvians. Cusquena is of different varieties. The premium label is preferable if you want something light.

Chicha Morada

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This is a very unique drink that you won’t find anywhere in Peru. You should try to have some during your stay. Chicha Morada is a very popular Peruvian non-alcoholic beverage made of purple corn. It is prepared from cooked purple corn with pineapple, cinnamon, sugar, and clove. There are some health benefits associated with this drink, which include reducing heart disease and lowering blood pressure.


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Emoliente is believed to have healing and protective powers, and as a part of the Peruvian lifestyle, it is sold by street vendors around the country. Popular in the cold winter among young, old, poor and rich, Emelionte is a special kind of herbal tea. It is prepared from Peruvian medicinal plants, herbs, and seeds and is recommendable if you want to get to warm. In addition, it boosts your body and adds vitamins and minerals to your diet.


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Cremolada will be the best for you if you are a great lover of fruit drinks. Made with lots of fresh fruit pulp, water, and sugar, this drink is something between ice cream and a flavorful fruit drink similar to slush. Cremolada is very popular on hot summer days and tastes perfect while being refreshingly cold. You will enjoy eating it with a spoon often served with a plastic beaker.

Limonada Peruana

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You will be very familiar with lemonade as it is very famous all over the world, but the Peruvian version is something you should have a taste of. It is made from a little bit of brown sugar, the characteristics of small Peruvian lime and water. It is a refreshing drink in summer and always chilled and served with ice cubes.

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