The German city of Essen in the ‎North Rhine-Westphalia is an interesting destination to be for many visitors and guests. One of the things that make it so is the rooftop bars in the city offering 360 degrees panoramic view, food, drinks, and cocktails. If you’re heading for Essen in the holidays, here are the best rooftop bars you should pay a visit.

3ATLANTIC Congress Hotel Rooftop Lounge

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In the city of Essen, here is the most relevant rooftop bar. The gorgeous location is sitting on top of the magnificent ATLANTIC Congress Hotel, offering visitors an opportunity to have a splendid view of the city of Essen. Here you can order for all sorts of items, including German meals, whiskey, and cocktail. Most people who come here, hotel visitors, or restaurant guests are treated to the best of service by the incredible staff. The rooftop terrace doesn’t open until 11 am, so take note. Once open, you’re ready to experience a great time, not just alone, but a crowd of happy visitors and guests who patronize the bar every time. At the terrace, you do have access to a sauna where you can relax and enjoy the view over the entire city of Essen. If you’re a business person, the lounge is the perfect place for you to do your meetings or make use of your laptop. There is a facility for coffee, tea, and other great delicacies you’re going to enjoy.

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