Aruba is famous for its beaches, holiday resorts, and national parks with all the best of what you can ever imagine. While on your holiday, you should also try out getting some of their most popular drinks. These drinks are very reliable and will provide you with taste-quenching desires at any time.

Aruba Ariba

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This is a signature cocktail on the island, offering visitors the best of taste. The drink is loved by locals and enjoyed by everyone who desires to have a taste of what the people have to offer. Aruba Ariba is made from an agave plant with rum, and cane sugar added. When you take it, you’ll feel the taste of passion fruit. Be careful, though; while the drink is tasty, it is full of a powerful punch.

Balashi Beers

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Those who want to experience what beer is like in Aruba can try out the Balashi Beer. Many tourists because of the incredible taste and they love to take it, especially when they’re at the beach. Balashi Beer is the only homegrown beer in Aruba, so try it out to experience the difference and specialty. It is made from imported Scottish hops that are sourced from Germany and loved for delivering that soft to the tongue bitterness. Aruba drink is loved by the locals and you will definitely find it everywhere, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and other places where they serve quality food and drinks.


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You can enjoy Aruba without having a taste of their cocktails. There are many cocktail options available for you, and one of the most popular ones is the Slippery Monkey. The cocktail offer complete satisfaction and excellence for people who love to drink quality. Slippery Monkey is made from Vodka, Malibu Coconut Rum, Kahlua, Cream, and peeled banana. Then, it is blended with ice, and sometimes chocolate is added to enhance the taste. Other cocktails you will find attractive in Aruba include Golden Shell, which is a frozen cocktail that has a pedigree in Aruban history and culture. There is also the White Sangria, Ocean Drop, Cuban Mojitos, Purple Rain, Rainbox Sangria, and Da’ Killer Blue Whale.

Amstel Bright

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Besides Balashi Beers, people also love the Amstel bright as an alternative beer. This quality beer can be found in every corner of the island and offers beer lovers the very best of fun and enjoyment. It has only 5% alcohol and is usually the preferred drink for a nice, warm afternoon or evening. What makes many people love this beer is because of the light bitterness. The drink is smoother so, people who don’t like the bitter part of beer will find it quite enjoyable.


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Most visitors in Aruba like to start their day with a cup of coffee. There are many coffee shops everywhere you can, and they provide quality and different kinds of coffee at a very affordable price. Some of the places to get coffee in Aruba are Santos Coffee With Soul. They offer top quality coffee, especially for people who are close to the In Casa Del Mar Beach Resort. Also, you can bring the kids along for as well. Other coffee places you should try are The Coffee Table, Coffee Break, and Coffee House.

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