Panama is famous for its nightlife that is always buzzing with people and music in the background. Alongside nightlife, the drinks produced in the country make it a place worth visiting. The alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, cocktails, and wines are wide selection for you to choose from. Here are the best drinks in Panama you can settle for.


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If you want to try the best of Panama beer, then you should try Balboa. It is known as a favorite among people in the country. Balboa is a pale lager with 4.8% that has a refreshing taste. If you stroll into any pubs or bars in the country, you will find many people settling for this drink. Balboa is a drink you shouldn’t fail to try out while visiting Panama.


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This is another leading beer in Panama, with a tradition of excellence. Panamanians enjoy Atlas at every occasion, and it is known for its extraordinary quality. The aroma is yeasty with some dryness, which in some ways adds to the flavor. It is a pale yellow beer with a fizzy white head that disappears quickly. If you are looking for something to quench your taste while relaxing in one of the beaches in Panama, then Atlas will be the best choice as it is sometimes termed the ‘decent beach beer.’

Fruit Of The Palm

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Beverages are mostly drunk in Panama, and this drink is not an exception. This refreshing drink is from the fruit of the palm tree. Palm tree is a constant supplier of food shelter, clothing, timber, wax, and wine, which makes it the most valuable tree in the country. The beverage can be simply enjoyed by cutting off the top of the pipa and drank directly from the fruit or with a straw. You can find mounds of green pipas and ripe coconuts throughout the year at markets, at fruit stalls along the highway, and in most town and villages in the country.

Naranjilla Beverage

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Another refreshing beverage that you should also try out in Panama is Naranjilla. The drink is prepared from ripe Naranjillas, sugar, and water, and it is mostly served over ice. You will find the drink in different flavors where you can select from. One of the flavors is prepared from a lesser-known beverage fruit called Nance. It has a strong flavor and a penetrating scent and is usually packed in water and bottles. You can find it sold in markets and along highways in the country.

Chicha de Guanabana

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Chicha de Guanabana is one drink that tops the list, among other beverages. Moat beverages are prepared with a combination of fruit pulp or juice, milk, crushed ice, and sugar. The amount of sugar added varies with the sweetness of the fruit and one’s taste. Chicha de Guanabana comes from a fruit that is large and dark green and filled with soft, snowy white pulp that results in a deliciously flavored juice. You can also enjoy the drink by adding a teaspoon of Vanilla.

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