The western city of Bochum in Germany is a high-class community offering the best of culture, architecture, and lifestyle. Part of what makes it unique is their rooftop bars, which serve a great collection of drinks and food for visitors and locals. Here is a list of such rooftop bars. You should give a try.


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If you’re a sports lover, then you’re going to like this place. It offers a huge collection of drinks and foods for people who want to enjoy the best of German cuisine is a serene and nice neighborhood. Everything that will make a delightful evening is here, including chicken wings, beer, pizza, and so on. They also offer all sorts of burger, and there is no way anyone would find themselves here without falling in love with the ambiance and style.

Havanna Bochum

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Come over to this place to enjoy an unlimited happy hour service you could never have imagined. It’s a destination where the young and powerful come to enjoy themselves with drinks, food, and cocktails. What makes Havanna Bochum the place to be is their events. When you check their website, you will see that they organize events including dance events, musical concerts, and performances by some of the top best local musicians and artists. Guests can choose from over 100 cocktails, take part in parties, and engage in one of the most interesting activities anywhere in the entire city.

Cotton Club

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At the top floor of this lovely building lies an impressive bar where so many fun things happen. Apart from several drinks to choose from, including beer and cocktails, visitors can also get to the pool hall to show their skills in the game. Coming to the Cotton Club is an opportunity to meet new people, get busy with fun activities, and see the skyline of the city of Bochum. The staff here is very welcoming as they are always ready to deliver quality service to the guests. Every moment you spend here will not just remind you of home but also the hospitality and generosity the German people are known for. It’s a place to relax, enjoy your day, and take part in fun activities that will form the best part of your adventure, of which we are sure you won’t forget in a hurry.

Pearlz by Barzani

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For the best drinks in town and a lovely ambience, there is no better place than Pearlz by Barzani. It offers visitors the very best of drinks and food of which they love. The seats are arranged in such a fashion that you’ll be able to sit down confidently, relax, and enjoy the chosen options on your menu list. Pearlz by Barzani delivers the ultimate fun effect in a city that likes to treat their guests in the best possible way. There are no TVs, sports, or anything, so people who cherish some quiet and want to avoid any form of distractions will find this place very interesting to visit.

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