The extreme climate greatly influences food and drinks in Mongolia. There are different specialties of drink available for travelers to choose from. Depending on when you are visiting, you are likely to come across a few beverages. Here is a list of the best drinks you can find in Mongolia.

Sea-Buckthorn Juice

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If you are searching for the best juice to try out in Mongolia, then Sea-buckthorn juice is the perfect choice for you. The juice is known as the favorite juice of the Mongolians because of its tantalizing taste. It also considered to be the ‘orange gold’ of Mongolia and can be served hot or cold. Sea-buckthorn is prepared from a berry that naturally grows in the province of Uvs, west Mongolia. The juice is an ideal way to spend a cool day.

Süütei Tsai

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Suutei Tsai meaning’ salted drink’ is a favorite of the Mongolians. The drink is known as the most popular in the country. Milk is used more widely as a beverage because of an old tradition from the Mongol empire that disregards drinking pure water straight. There are several animals this milk can be derived from cows, camels, horses, yak, goats, and sheep. Suutei is made from cow milk mixed with water and black tea leaves. It is lightly salted and sometimes serves as a base for some soups. Throughout the day, Suutei Tsai is drunk by the Mongolians.


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Having a taste of Airag is essential for fun-seeking tourists. Airag is fermented mare milk that best symbolizes Mongolia. It is mostly prepared during June, where it is drunk in great quantities. The drink is a little bit alcoholic (about 2 to 3%), which gives an acid taste, but it is very refreshing. Summer is the best period to visit the country as you will get to have a chance to enjoy this special beverage. The drink has a special way of being received. When offered, you have to be polite and take it with your right hand with the left hand holding your right elbow, wrist, or hand.

Mongolia Traditional Vodka

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Mongolian traditional vodka, also referred to as ‘milk vodka’ or ‘Arkhi’ is a fermented tarag (cow milk yogurt) that is distilled. You will mostly find the alcohol produced during summer, but it gets drunk throughout the year. Once yogurt gets more acidic, the alcohol range tends to increase (about 15 to 20%). You will find most nomad families preparing this drink during summer and served when it’s still hot, straight after distillation.


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Mongolians do love vodka. Although imported by Russians during the communist period, it is not referred to as a traditional drink in the country. Vodka is prepared from wheat, and you can find it in different brands. The brands you could settle for include Black Chinggis, Gold Chinggis, Bolor, Soyombo, or Khar Suvd. Mongolia has several distilleries that produce this drink, with its alcohol level being 36%. It is the most consumed drink in the country where you will see Mongolians drinking about two bottles per month.

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