Being in Utrecht is an opportunity to witness the power and beauty of this old town. It’s filled with Christian architecture, medieval locations, canals, and monuments. In the midst of it all, you’ll be able to find for yourself the very best of rooftop bars of which you can enjoy yourself. Here are the best rooftop bars in this city for you to explore.

4Water Tower (WT) Urban Kitchen

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Many citizens of Utrecht like to come here because of the incredible serene environment and panoramic view. The kitchen is all that you desire for a lovely evening of relaxation, excitement, and fun. So much you can do here, including getting engaged in private lunch and dining, meet up with friends or make new ones, or even get married. Their four-course meal is something you should give a try as many visitors have testified it to be of excellence. Mushrooms, Katsuobushi Rettich, Celtuce, etc. are a few of the meals you can also try. The restaurant also sells white wine, red wine, and champagne.

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