4Milan Cathedral

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Milan is a wonderful place to be for tourists. Apart from the lovely environment, cuisine, fun spots, and city centers, there are also lovely churches. Many of these churches have been around for centuries, and their walls offer insight into the history of the people. Here are most of the churches in Milan you ought to visit. Milan Cathedral is located in Lombardy, Italy and is recognized as the seat of the archbishop of Milan and dedicated to St Mary of the Nativity. Archbishop Antonio da Saluzzo began construction of this 40,000 capacity cathedral in 1386, and it was completed in 1965. Several things make this cathedral a must-see for tourists and visitors, especially the ones that are interested in learning the history and culture of the city. Well over 70 artists are said to have made significant contributions to the construction of the church that makes it an important landmark until today. Some of the most interesting elements of the building include three magnificent altars by Pellegrino Pellegrini, the statue of Bartholomew the Apostle, and The Gold Madonna at the top of the cathedral. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!