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Lithuanian is one of the Baltic states of Europe with plenty of castles, old towns, and medieval wonders. They also like to drink a lot, with beer being their favorite type of drink. You can also find local drinks like Kvass, Midus, and so on. Here are the most popular drinks in Lithuania you must have a taste before you leave. Lithuania is a beer-loving country. Currently, there are at least 84 breweries in the country churning out thousands of beer bottle every day to feed the drinking lost and desire of locals and visitors. The major beer scenes in the country are in the northern part which is centered around towns like Pasvalys, Pakruojis, Kupiškis, and Biržai. Some of the most popular beer brands you should try out are Ekstra, Švyturys Baltijos, Švyturys Amber, Varniukų, Volfas Engelman, etc. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!