Luxury villas are one of our preferred ways to travel. Authentic houses with all the details in which to enjoy exclusive trips for singles, experiences as a couple or even getaways for the whole family or with friends. Luxury travelers don’t settle for just any villa. To be up to the task, they must meet a series of requirements: be located in spectacular places, have all the comforts and offer added value. In addition, they must have luxury pools or spaces for well-being.

We have selected some of our preferred luxury villas in Africa, Asia and Europe to show you a small selection of those wonderful places that are waiting for you if you travel with us. You will not be able to resist!

Luxury Villas in Africa

Africa is probably the first continent that comes to mind when we think of luxury villas. Common in safari lodges such as the Arusha Coffee Lodge and in the large beach resorts of the north, southern and eastern coast, they have been pioneers in the implementation of ecolodges with completely sustainable villas in protected environments. Africa is a place where luxury goes hand in hand with sustainability and nature and, therefore, luxury tourism has found so many facilities to develop on the continent.

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa – Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa

The Zanzibar White Sand Luxury Villas & Spa is one of the most emblematic hotels in this pearl of the Indian Ocean. This resort has different villas surrounded by tropical vegetation but, at the same time, located in front of the sea. Completely integrated into nature, its villas with whitewashed walls and traditional roofs combine tradition and avant-garde, with well-cared interiors to offer the maximum possible relaxation. With a spa with first-class treatments and a luxurious restaurant where you can eat the island’s specialties, it is a perfect place to practice diving or kitesurfing. Adventure and comfort in one of the most exclusive places on the Indian Ocean island.

Tsala Treetop Lodge – Plettenberg Bay, South Africa

Tsala Treetop Lodge

If we are looking for something more original, the Tsala Treetop Lodge cannot escape our sight. Private villas with terrace and private pool high up in the trees near the sea, at the end of the South African Garden Route. Although we did not include it in our list of the best luxury hotels in South Africa, you will see that the Tsala Treetop has nothing to send you. Also in the gastronomic section since it has one of the best restaurants in South Africa. Resting in the villas of this hotel is a completely mystical experience in which architecture and nature have merged to offer relaxation and spirituality next to one of the most important wineries in southern Africa.

Bisate Lodge – Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

Bisate Lodge

Αnother lodge that is characterized by the spectacular location of its villas is the Bisate Lodge, in the heart of the Rwanda Volcanoes National Park. Ideal to see the mountain gorillas, it is an ecolodge with six villas that are camouflaged with the environment, to have the least possible environmental pollution. By having only six villas (and no other types of rooms or suites) it has become a unique opportunity to have an immersive experience in the ecosystem where a greater number of primates live, with different excursions to see different species of the themselves. The views from the rooms, which have a bathroom but not a pool to be more ecological, are truly spectacular and the decoration of the cabins modernizes the customs of rural Rwanda, combining comfort with culture.

Luxury Villas in Asia

The jungles of Indonesia, Vietnam or Thailand but also the islands of Japan, Maldives or even the mountains of Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan, Asia is one of the continents with the greatest diversity in terms of luxurious places to travel. We have selected three of our favorites in three of our star destinations: luxury hotels in Bali in Indonesia, the Okinawa archipelago in Japan and one of the most beautiful mountains in Nepal. Places where environment and accommodation come together for a first-class experience.

Amankila – Bali, Indonesia


On the southeast coast of Bali, in the middle of nowhere is Amankila, a hotel with luxury villas and a private beach in an inhospitable and completely spectacular setting. A place where you can celebrate a traditional Balinese wedding or learn a little more about the local culture while resting on a cliff above the sea in the middle of the jungle. With private pools and a beach club with loungers and infinity pools, this is another way to discover Bali away from the stress, hustle and bustle and traffic. A place to rest, get a massage or just see the scenery. With the possibility of sailing and excursions to discover the flora and fauna of one of the most enigmatic islands in the world. Amankila is not only a luxury resort, it is also a place that transcends the meaning of comfort to a completely spiritual level.

Jurassic Resort & Villas – Pokhara, Nepal

Jurassic Resort & Villas

At the top of the Himalayas, with excellent 360º views, the Jurassic Resort & Villas surprises. In the highest area of ​​Pokhara, overlooking the rest of the mountain range and a wide lake, we find a hotel with villas that show the curious vision of luxury in this part of the world. With that curious typical Nepalese decoration, which by Western standards may seem a bit kitsch, the comfort and spaciousness of the rooms quickly transport us to where we are: one of the most luxurious hotels in all of Nepal. An ideal stop to rest after living adventures in a mountain resort or even a starting point for paragliding and other sports of the style, the Jurassic Resort is one of those places that will stay in the routine forever. With an attentive and friendly staff as they only know how to be in Nepal, the views from the villas and hotel rooms are unmatched anywhere else in the world for the high altitude and beautiful scenery.

The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas – Okinawa, Japan

The Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas

At Uza Terrace Beach Club Villas, a luxury vacation resort in the Okinawa archipelago, in southern Japan, you can experience what it is like to have a luxury villa in the style of the Far East. With private pools in each of the different villas and different capacities, Okinawa is considered the Caribbean of Japan. White sand beaches, coconut trees and an incredible climate that you will only see if you get bored of resting in one of these villas that have everything you need to spend an incredible vacation without leaving the establishment. With a minimalist style and with great comfort, we are facing an opposite case to the previous one, the simplicity and beauty of the facilities are part of the luxury experience.

Luxury Villas in Europe

Luxury villas are not confined to distant or exotic destinations. Also in Europe, in countries like Spain or Portugal, it is possible to enjoy fantastic villas in which to make a getaway in the middle of nature, but with all the comforts.

Vilalara Thalassa Resort – Algarve, Portugal

Vilalara Thalassa Resort

In addition to its suites and rooms, this hotel has 12 luxury villas or apartments. The Vilalara Thalassa Resort is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular places in the Portuguese Algarve and along the entire European coast. Swimming pool, beach with direct access from the hotel and spa with multiple treatments, it is the largest hotel on the list but also within the standards of luxury and exclusive tourism. A resort in which everything is thinking so that the traveler only has to worry about one thing: enjoy. With the tranquility of its villas or even in one of the suites with a terrace and private pool, incredible views and, above all, thousands of things to do await within its whitewashed walls.

Son Bunyola – Mallorca, Spain

Son Bunyola

Another place to enjoy first-rate luxury villas is located in the northwest of the island of Mallorca, Son Bunyola. This accommodation with three exclusive villas on a 680-acre estate has been developed by Sir Richard Branson. Private pool in two of the luxury villas, sea views from the Majorcan mountains and capacity for 10 or 8 people, depending on the house, make this place a paradise to rest for any luxury traveler. It also has a tennis court to share between the three villas. A destination retreat to be not only one of the benchmark luxury hotels in Spain, but also in the entire Mediterranean. The villas are traditional Majorcan houses recovered, so on the outside they preserve all the traditional Mediterranean essence of the Balearic Islands. Inside, on the contrary, they have been modernized to offer the greatest possible comfort, following the standards of international luxury.

L’AND Vineyards Resort – Alentejo, Portugal

L’AND Vineyards Resort

This resort in the middle of Alentejo shows us that you don’t have to go far to enjoy first-class villas and have an unforgettable getaway. L’AND Vineyards Resort is located near the beautiful town of Montemor-o-Novo. With only 8 luxury villas and 22 suites, this is a hotel famous for its contemporary architecture, with a minimalist design and interior design, ideal for a relaxing getaway as a couple. The luxury villas with views of the sky are a way to see the stars as you will never think you can see them in Europe, directly from the bed. First-class gastronomy, spa, balloon tours and all kinds of wine-related activities offer the possibility of having an unforgettable vacation just one hour from Lisbon airport.

Did you like these options? Are you looking for another place full of magic? Contact us and we will show you other completely unforgettable luxury villas!

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