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Milan is now one of the best locations for movie directors to shoot films from Marco Ferreri to Marco Risi and Dino and from Luchino Visconti to Lattuada. Even though Milan is the birthplace of most artists, it has also become the best location of many film masterpieces. This is because it has evocative vitality and naive atmosphere that is effective for an exclusive scenography. Below are some of the most famous movies filmed in Milan. This movie was one of the movies shot in Milan in the ‘80s, and it is about busy and tireless drinking scenes of some ambitious young managers. This movie makes the world appear as if you are enjoying yourself and that you are in the limelight. This is a light comedy movie enriched with a pinch of romanticism that will make you pass the time easily. Carlo Vanzina directed this movie, and it is full of most famous comic actors including De Sica, Calà, Boldi, and Greggio. You need to watch this movie to feel how Milan looks like. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!