3St Mark’s Basilica

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Venice is a city with many beautiful churches, up to 250 of them. These are magnificent edifices that have been in existence for centuries, and they play a major role in the cultural existence of the people. We hereby introduce to you Venice’s most famous churches. Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark or St Mark’s for short is not just a church but a monument of high cultural value. When merchants stole a supposed relic of Mark the Evangelist, the Doge ordered the immediate construction of the basilica to commence. By the year 832, the building was completed and immediately commanded respect within and outside Italy. In the exterior of the church are beautiful sculptures including Horses of Saint Mark-Lysippos, The Tetrarchs, and the Narthex or porch. Interior part of the church is also breathtaking with mosaics telling different stories of the bible. St Mark’s Basilica is the place to be for any tourists that found themselves in Venice. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!