The city of Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of the most exciting places for children. There is plenty of fun to be enjoyed, and the weather there allows tourists to explore much of the quality attractions it offers. Here are the best things for you to do and see with your kids.

See The National Museum Of Scotland

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Museums are great places for kids for many reasons. Apart from the huge wealth of knowledge waiting to be discovered, the children will also experience artifacts that will trigger their creativity. The National Museum of Scotland is an excellent place for kids to explore several galleries with gigantic and inspiring images. There are world culture galleries, Scottish History and Archaeology galleries, Science and Technology galleries, Natural World galleries, etc. You can also take the kids to watch the Millennium clock chime the hour, try out the human hamster wheel, and strike a pose in the Fashion and Style gallery.

Climb Up To Arthur’s Seat

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One of the best ways to get children to learn new things and at the same time improve their health is to go for outdoor events. Among everything else, climbing up to Arthur’s Seat remains the most fun and promising event. Arthur’s Seat is an extinct volcano and the highest peak in all of Edinburgh. Depending on your speed, it takes 60 – 90 minutes from the center of Edinburgh to reach the peak of the hill. The view from the hill is completely unbelievable, offering visitors the best experience in Scotland.

Meet Amazing Animals At The Edinburgh Zoo

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The Edinburgh Zoo is a zoological park featuring cute and beautiful animals for children to experience. The 2-acre space which was built in 1913 has over 1,000 animals for your kids to see and experience. There are several exhibitions and animals to see, including the Budongo Trail, Living Links, Penguins Rock, Giant pandas, Brilliant Birds, and so on. There are also other specialized experiences and activities organized by the zoo to help children learn about interacting and carrying for the animals on the planet.

The Museum Of Childhood

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Here in Edinburgh lays the very first museum to focus on the life of children. The Museum Of Childhood is a collection of children’s toys throughout the ages, where people can take a wander down memory lane. The entire family can witness how playthings have evolved and see how they have been able to enjoy their lives without technology. A must-see is their puppet theatre where amazing performance takes place.

Deep Sea World

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Children will definitely love to come here because of everything that it offers. Deep Sea World is in the North Queensferry in Fife and regarded as the underwater paradise with the largest underwater tunnel in the UK. Come along with the kids to watch all sorts of creatures, including sharks, piranhas, starfish, seals, and so on. It’s a highly immerse underwater world where many people will be able to see the very best of life under the sea at a peaceful and quiet place.

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