4Bath Abbey

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Bath is an important city in the United Kingdom partly because of its Roman heritage. Also, it has been a city of religion and spirituality, which is why there are many important church buildings here. If you’re on a visit to Bath, here are the most famous churches you ought to check out. Everyone who has set foot in this church has testified to its beauty, power, and glamour. Founded in the 10th century and rebuilt over a long period, the Bath Abbey has remained a central part of the history and culture of the Bath and England. Its perpendicular Gothic architecture, listing as a grade I building, and the construction material of Bath Stone makes it a unique structure. Interesting aspects of the church includes the Bath Abbey vaults of intricate design and the entrance. There are also beautiful windows, 52 in all, making up 80 percent of the wall. Bath Abbey also has towers, bells, and the memorial to William Bingham. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!