5Port Wine

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Like most European cultures, food and drink is a part of the Portuguese lifestyle. It’s an important element in festivals, anniversaries, and family gatherings. Portuguese do have their own unique drinks as you’re about to find out. One of the top best drinks Portuguese never play with is the Port Wine. It is made from grapes and processed in the demarcated Douro region, which is what makes it a special drink. You can find Port Wine in almost every area and region in Portugal where people drink it during occasions and festivals, even though it is served specifically as a dessert drink. Even though it is made from distilled grape spirit, most of it is red wine. There are many types or should we say brands that are available in different parts of the country, with Fonseca, Kopke, Taylor’s, and Ramos Pinto, being the most famous of them all. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!