4Adrianou Street

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Greece is undisputedly one of the top holiday destinations in the world. From its cultural heritage, monuments, natural wonders, picturesque environment, to its beautiful streets, Greece is a wonderful place to discover. Ensure to take a walk along the most beautiful streets in Greece, especially Molyvos to explore some of its unique features. If you are in for a road or street tour, then you should add Adrianou Street to your list as it is a famous place for tourists. This beautiful street is usually crowded, especially during summer, although it is known for its calm ambiance. One of the best reasons Adrianou is loved by numerous tourists is the fact that it’s secured and usually patrolled all through the year by police. This means you can be free to take pictures, flaunt your expensive jewelry or bag without the fear of it being snatched by hoodlums. The beauty of Adrianou is experienced more during summer, although you can also enjoy strolling along this street at winter afternoons. Adrianou Street begins from the Lysicratouschoregic monument and ends at the Thiseio metro station. You will find several coffee shops, restaurants, fashion stores, memorabilia shops, among others, lined along this street. You can also stop to enjoy beautiful songs from street musicians, street dance performances or patronize the street vendors. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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