The capital of Estonia in the Baltic Sea is regarded by many as a cultural hub. One of the things that make this place an excellent destination is the rooftop bars. They are the very best when it comes to cocktail drinks, food, and delicious cuisine that no one will ever forget in a hurry.


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Of all the rooftop bars you will discover in Tallinn, none will be as satisfying, inspiring, and essential as Lounge24. The rooftop bar is at the Radisson Blue Hotel, which is located in the city Centre. The stylish lobby delivers excellent and delicious meals, drinks, and an outdoor terrace. Many people come here to sit down and have fun with friends while they have healthy conversations. It’s also an ideal place to have a business meeting while sipping on delicious cocktails of different brands. It’s a must-see for everyone who wants to conquer the skyline adventure spots of the city of Tallinn.


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Located on the 4th floor is the perfect place to have a taste of what the city of Tallinn has to offer. What makes this place special is the combination of the Hookah lounge, restaurant, bar, and café. Come over for a late afternoon meal or to enjoy the very best of shisha pipes, free live music performance, and then the DJ comes at night with the most famous music selection. Often, they keep launching a brand new menu where people can come and try out, so you too will have the opportunity to participate.

Horisont, Restaurant & Bar

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If you’re looking for a luxury restaurant with the very best of classic and glamorous service, this is the right place for you. The food is great, while the atmosphere reminds you of royalty and class. While you enjoy all the tasty food the chef has prepared for your enjoyment, you’ll also be able to experience the magnificent panoramic view. Vegans will have a great time of fun and relaxation as the restaurant offers one of the most reputable vegan meals in the whole of the city. From the interior design to the view of the 30th floor, Horisont, Restaurant & Bar is not just the place to be; it’s an epitome of enjoyment and fun for people who cherish a lovely time and adventure that will be hard to forget. The Horisont Restaurant is opened Tuesdays to Saturdays, 18:00 – 22:00, while the Horisont Bar is opened Monday to Sunday, 17:00 – 01:00.

Whatever Ltd Rooftop Bar

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People who want to mix with the youthful and vibrant crowd should try out this wonderful place. They have a vast selection of drinks and food. You’re going to have the best of time in this place that is guaranteed. There are football tables, a good dance floor, and karaoke. You’re going to love this place even more if you’re a lover of football since there are so many events about football happening. The friendly and fun crew of the Whatever Ltd rooftop bar is always ready and available to help you enjoy your stay.

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