Churches, monuments, and a huge collection of historical edifices make Padua the perfect place to be for the holiday. It also has some of the most beautiful and elegant rooftop bars you can ever imagine. The rooftop bars offer great views, a long list of menu, and incredible drinks that you’re going to find enjoyable. If you’re ready, here are the most popular rooftop bars for you to enjoy yourself after a whole day of fun around the city of Padua.

3G Sky

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Italian cocktail bars never disappoint and G Sky is one of such places you’re going to find very interesting. The place is well-organized with quality furniture, excellent customer service, and a menu you can’t get tired of. G Sky is the perfect destination for people who want to have a romantic dinner or who want to enjoy an evening of fun and relaxation after going about the city, sightseeing the best historical edifices the city has to offer. There is so much you can order at G Sky. Many people who come here, including locals and tourists, have praised the pizza and cocktail services of this amazing restaurant. They have the best pizza makers and you’re guaranteed of the tastiest and most delightful pizza you have ever experienced. You’ll also enjoy the great view of the city skyline. If you’re lucky you’ll arrive at a time when they’re having a rooftop party, so you can join in for fun, happiness, and enjoyment.

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