10Piazza del Duomo

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We must recognize that speaking of Florence we cannot be entirely objective, since we love the city so much. Therefore, we will dare and declare it the most beautiful city in Italy but it has a lot of competition! Even when being subjective, it is not far from reality. They say that the city can cause the so-called Stendhal syndrome, also known as the Florence syndrome. This syndrome causes dizziness and hallucinations when a person is exposed to works of great beauty or in large numbers in the same place. It takes its name from the French author Stendhal, who experienced it during his visit to the Basilica of the Holy Cross (Basilica di Santa Croce). It is clear that the city is really beautiful and that getting lost in its most emblematic places is a wonderful experience. In this article we present the 10 reasons to visit Florence! They are essential places if you visit Florence. On its official website it says the phrase “If you have not seen this, you have not seen Florence” and we could not agree more. It is considered an open-air museum comprising the Duomo (or Santa Maria del Fiore), the Brunelleschi Dome (even today the tallest building in the city), the Giotto Bell Tower and the Baptistry of San Juan. There is no other monument complex so extraordinary in the world. Click the next¬†ARROW¬†to see the next photo!

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