Summer can be spent lively or rather filled with boredom. One of the best ways to avoid a boring summer holiday is by taking a walk to the rooftop bars in Nottingham. The high life in the city is nothing compared to the warm experience gotten from the rooftop terraces. You don’t need to worry about which rooftop terrace you have to visit as this list will guide you in locating the finest rooftop bars Nottingham has to offer.


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Although formerly known as Rocket at Saltwater, Alto is a famous Nottingham rooftop bar that is always flooded with people from all over the city. The lively atmosphere and ambiance will make your visit to this bar worthwhile. A wide selection of drinks like rums, cocktails, beers, and liquors are available for you to choose from. The rooftop terrace is a beautiful spot to behold where you will get to enjoy some form of lively music. It is just the perfect spot for an evening to hang out with friends.

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