The rooftop bars in Murcia is the perfect destination for you to be in Spain. Murcia is popular for its sunny paradise, which attracts visitors from all over the world. Visiting rooftop bars in Murcia and enjoying the spectacular views of the city with a drink by your side is a smart way to make the best out of your holiday. Here are the best rooftop bars Murcia has to offer you.

4Miramar La Ribera

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Miramar La Ribera is an excellent location for you to be in Murcia for a perfect dinner. It is located close to Murcia Sea, which makes it quite an interesting place to visit. The professional service and good dishes are never to be missed. The interior of the restaurant is air-conditioned, and the panoramic view offered by the terrace is out of this world. You could also settle for the creamy peppermint donut offered there as well as the delicious fish menu. The foods aren’t quite affordable, but it’s worth the purchase. There is always cool music in the background to make your visit worthwhile having a couple of drinks.

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