Dominican Republic offers a wide range of gastronomy. Apart from the delicious cuisines, it’s famous for its drinks and cocktails people enjoy worldwide. The refreshing combination of fruits and liquors in the country will be a perfect match for the tantalizing food menu served. Here are the finest drinks you can try out while in Dominican Republic.


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Mamajuana is a popular drink in Dominica that you will find in most bars and clubs. It is considered one of the main national drinks in the country and known to be very common among tourists. The production of the drink is simple, with the maceration process in which honey, rum, and red wine, are added to a number of roots, spices, and pieces of wood that are native to the country. You can try Mamajuana in cocktails or drink it alone.

Banana Mama

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Another refreshing drink you shouldn’t miss out while in the country is Banana Mama. It is a perfect drink for a sunny day and can be enjoyed individually or in groups. Banana mama is prepared from the combination of two types of rum with different tropical fruits which results in an intense and refreshing cocktail that is served very cold. Although the base of white rum contains pineapple syrup, coconut cream and grenadine to taste, the recipe may be different depending on the area.


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There are different kinds of beer for you to settle for in Dominica especially if you a beer lover. Presidente (lager), Bohemia and the Quisqueya or the Soberante are some of the well-known beers in the country. The beers are mostly served in a special kind of cup. Having rounds of these beers is a perfect way to cool off with friends or with your partner on a beach.

Piña Colada

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Although known as one of the most famous cocktails in the world, this drink is best enjoyed by the Dominicans. This cocktail is the most wanted drink by tourists on their arrival at the beach. Yellow pineapple juice is the principal ingredient of Pina Colada which brought about its name but translated in English as ‘pressed pineapple’. The Dominican Republic prepares the drink from ingredients like crushed pineapple, coconut milk and Dominican rum which results in a creamy cocktail that is refreshing and delicious. This drink will make your visit to this country an unforgettable one.

Coco Loco

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Coco Loco, which means ‘Crazy Coconut’ is an exotic tropical drink that you can find in hotels and bars throughout the country. The drink is considered as one of the typical cocktails of the Dominican Republic made from coconut milk and pulp with the addition of white rum. You will find this drink mostly served inside a green coconut with some flowers as decoration. Coco Loco is a drink that will make you feel relaxed and happy during your holidays because of the addition of rum to the coconut milk.

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