10You would not talk about work outside the office

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In our series of posts about what each country should be proud of, next we have Italy! Italians are proud people and for very good reasons. Without further delay, here are 10 things Italians do better than other people and what they should be proud of. Do you agree fellow Italians? Italians do not want to talk about work while outside work, and there are even cases that they do not want to do it while they are actually at work. However, this does not mean they are lazy, as they are actually among the world’s most productive people. For certain people, separating work from personal life can be extremely difficult as it occupies a big part of their day and they feel the need to talk about it with their friends and close ones once it is done. But Italians do this separation with ease and in most cases as happier for it too! Click the next ARROW to see the next image!

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