Munster is a city reserved for people who desire a quiet and yet fun holiday. Like many German cities, it has its own soul, offering visitors the very best of calm, peace, culture, and aspirations. The Münster city is also a place for people to unwind, discover new places, make friends, and enjoy drinks on rooftop bars.


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One of the top rooftop bars the city of Münster has to offer is the ZWANZIG20. It’s a very simplistic destination that ensures fun, adventure, and relaxation. It’s a very simple bar that accommodates everyone and accepts all kinds of people, no matter their religion, age, color, or nationality. That’s why many tourists who come to this part of Germany usually get introduced to this bar. You can order for all sorts of drinks on their menu, and if you’re lucky, you may meet a fun event going on. There are plenty of things to do, eat, and drink. They have a very caring and understanding staff that is always ready to help visitors out. Apart from food and drinks, the place also hosts several bar games, that many locals have come to cherish.

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