Katowice is a fascinating Polish city with parks, museums, and plenty of fun centers. Many people who spent time in this place testified to the warmth and acceptance of people from any part of the world. When you’re not shopping or sightseeing, you could visit some of their rooftop bars and enjoy yourself to the maximum. Here are the best rooftop bars for you to see and explore.

327th Floor

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Here is perhaps the most popular and respected rooftop bar in the city of Katowice. Like the name implies, the beautiful bar is situated on the 27th floor of one of the most iconic buildings in the city center. One of the things that make this bar truly amazing is the view. From here, guests can see the beauty and lifestyle of the entire city, offered from the most interesting angles. The top to bottom glass wall exposes the enter skyline and makes you appreciate what this city is all about. Another reason why you shouldn’t miss out on the 27th floor is their menu list. This restaurant takes its food and beverage seriously, ensuring that every single bit of food is satisfactory to the consumer. Apart from their main dish that includes Jesiotr Sturgeon, Pork, Steak, and potato dishes, they also provide a mouth watery snack menu, appetizers, pasta, desserts, soups, and so on. Guests will also be able to enjoy their long list of drinks including rum, red wines, desserts, whiskey, vodka, tequila, brandy, and gin.

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