The capital of the nation of Northern Ireland has always been an amazing place to stay for the holidays. The city has plenty of fun spots to hope for and a long list of high-quality destinations that you can’t resist. Here are the best rooftop bars this lovely city has to offer.

The Perch Rooftop Bar

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This cocktail bar is by far one of the most popular in the entire city. Only four-minute walk from Belfast City Hall, the bar remains an important destination for people who want to have the fun of their life. It was a converted Victorian warehouse offering a relaxed rooftop destination, with endless options for cocktails and pizzas. You can take a lift to the 5th floor and enjoy the atmospheric pleasure with great architecture. There is also pizza, and the six bartenders are always available to provide you with all you need for your enjoyment.

Babel Rooftop Bar

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Comfortably situated on top of the Bullitt Hotel’s rooftop bar and garden, this bar offers panoramic city views across Belfast like no other place. The mouth-watering cocktails and delicious food is something work waiting for as the cooks and bartenders deliver to you the very best of their offering. Babel is all about nature, which is the secret behind the rooftop bar’s choice of botanical-themed design and decoration. You’re free to enjoy some of their special offerings, including Boozy Bunch, Tipsy Tea, Gift Cards. There is also plenty of live music for you to enjoy as well, especially during the weekends.

The Thirsty Goat

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Located on Hill Street in a central location of the city, The Thirsty Goat is one of the best places for anyone to enjoy themselves on a visit to Belfast. You have plenty to eat as the chef prepares the very best of great meals that are irresistible. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy local stuff like stew, bread, and so on. There is a garden area for nature lovers, and the beer is always chilled and great to taste. Be warned though, many people know about the fun that goes on here, so the place is always crowded, usually with live music events for your entertainment.

The Tree House

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Here is another lovely destination that will take you on a ride of fun and adventure. The Tree House delivers excellent features, making it a verdant rooftop terrace and party venue with heat lamps offering cocktails, wine & small plates. At first glance, it’s normal for people to just fall in love with the place. The treehouse is the right place for you to enjoy the sun, and while you sip on carefully made cocktails that are prepared by expert barmen.

The Ivory

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It’s mostly quiet, but people do hold parties here. What makes The Ivory an ideal destination for fun seekers and tourists is the presentation of the most delicious Irish delicacies you can ever imagine. You’ll be able to enjoy your steaks, and have fun with the best selection of drinks for you and your friends.

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