No matter how well-travelled you may be, it’s natural to find yourself wanting something more.

Of course, enjoying a cocktail by the pool is a great way to relax. But there are so many more ways to explore the world.

If you’re ready for something incredible, then check out these six trip ideas for a travel experience that’s out of this world.

  • Pastry Cooking in Paris

Why not learn a new skill on your travels? International adventure is a chance to learn from the masters and bring your new talents home to impress your friends!

La Cuisine, Paris, is a superb institution offering a range of classes to turn you into an expert chef and making you a connoisseur of everything from croissants to macarons!

  • Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

When you climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, you’ll experience fantastic views of the Sydney Opera House and Harbour, while undertaking a once in a lifetime, thrilling experience.

Whether you’re after a dreamy sunrise, sunset sights, or a simple but stunning daytime trip to the top, you’ll be able to get a unique view of the city… provided that you’re not afraid of heights!

  • Volunteer in Africa

If you’ve grown tired of spending your time lounging around on the beach, then consider a more hands-on adventure working as a volunteer. Conservation Travel Africa welcome helpers from all over the world, allowing you to make an incredible impact on protecting Africa’s wildlife.

Whether you want to help save the rhino in Zimbabwe or prevent poaching in South Africa, this is a unique experience for anyone with dreams of making the world a better place.

  • Walk the Great Wall of China

Visit and walk The Great Wall of China… well, portion of it is much more realistic, as walking the length of it would take you well over a year!

This incredible UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most famous landmarks in the world, so vast that many believe – falsely – that you can see it from space!

Regardless of this interplanetary myth, a visit to The Great Wall will make for an incredible experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

  • Discover the ‘Lost City’ of Petra

If you’re interested in archaeology, then the historic city of Petra, home to the amazing Al-Khazneh, a temple carved into a sandstone rock face.

With a history that dates back 3000 years, this stunning city makes for an incredible holiday experience.

  • See the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are an incredibly beautiful phenomena to witness, and one that features on many people’s bucket lists.

However, did you know that if you travel to Finland, you can view them from the comfort of a bed in a glass igloo? Now, what could be more romantic than a night under the Aurora Borealis?

Seeking out something different from the typical beach holiday will drastically improve your travel experience.

Have you ventured out to new horizons? Tell us all about your trip in the comments below!


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