1. Ponterosso Flea Market

Trieste is situated on the northeast side of Italy, and it is a typical port city. Trieste is in the border with the Adriatic coast and Slovenia having a diverse culture. This city has many variations in architecture and cultural influences as there are Austro-Hungarian sites in the layout of the city. There is a beautiful Old Town with amazing scenic streets and the neoclassical Austrian quarter offers a different aspect of the city. Trieste is popular for flea markets since the 1800s because of the port and the trade taking place there. One of the most known and oldest markets is Pontereossso Flea Market which gathers many stallholders every time it is organized. There is a huge variety of clothes, typical local products, and flowers. 

When | Monday to Saturday 09:00 – 17:00

2. Piazza Unita Flea Market

Piazza Unita is a charming piazza in the city centre of Trieste and hosts a regular flea market. The architecture of the piazza is medieval and has many beautiful sites to visit. There is a large variety of stallholders every time it is held, with most selling antique collections. If you are passionate about antique furniture or decoration items, this is the ideal place for you.

When | Every 3rd Sunday of the month

3. Piazza Matteotti Flea Market

Piazza Matteotti is located in a neighbour city close to Trieste, which worth visiting as it has plenty of activities to offer. It is the perfect idea to spend the day in a picturesque town with amazingly beautiful scenery. This flea market is a famous event in the city with many visitors during the day. There are many antique items including paintings, books, and other homeware stuff. Also, you can find other products such as clothes on discount or Italian food. 

When | First Sunday of the month

4. Barbacan Produce Flea Market

Barbacan Produce flea market is a place that definitely worth visiting due to the fact that is a completely different market than the others. It is the place where young artists show their work such as paintings, craftwork, and clothes designed by them. If you are an enthusiast of arts and contemporary creations, it is the ultimate destination for you. 

When | 5 times during the year 

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