1. Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio

Venice is the city of the stunning flea markets and the antiquaries with the most fashionable clothes and the famous Murano glasses. Vintage shopping is the most convenient way to explore a city like Venice, where the flea markets are in abundance. This city is the best place to meet from fast-forwarding fashion artists to local grandmothers. The history of this beautiful city is behind the stylish clothes and the best leather you could find only there. So, the best flea markets for exploring Venice including Mercatino Antiquariato Campo San Maurizio are stunning. Campo San Maurizio flea market is known for its variety of antiques along with old books, postcards, and vintage shoes. It is one of the biggest flea markets in Venice and really useful among locals, who spend their time there for finding unique items. Campo San Maurizio is a mandatory place to visit when in Venice!

When | Friday to Sunday 08:30 – 19:00

2. Antiquariato a Piazzola Sul Brenta

The antique market of Piazzola Sul Brenta is known for ‘the things of other times’ , and it is one of the most impressive in Europe, so it has many visitors every time it is held. The Antiquariato a Piazzola Sul Brenta takes place in front of the square of Villa Contarini which is an excellent restoration of the industrial archeology. There is a huge variety of stalls in this flea market with many items to admire. What you could find there is antique furniture from the Old Venice, which has elegant characteristics. There are plenty of old books, postcards, and decoration items. Second-handed and vintage clothes are a must in this flea market. If you are interested in fashion and style this is definitely the perfect place for you.

When | Every last Sunday of the month

3. Mercatino Delle “Robe da Mar”

Mercatino Delle ‘Robe da Mar’ is one of the most known in Venice and the most admired by the locals. This flea market is organized every year in October, usually the same period of the time where the Venice Marathon is held. It is one of the most popular events, which citizens expect every year with enthusiasm. If you visit Venice during this time, it is a great opportunity to go there and visit as well via Garibaldi, which is a gem and not really known as a tourist attraction. What you could find there are antiques, second-handed items, unique collections, and other classic pieces. In addition via Garibaldi is popular for its bazaars and shops, and delicious restaurants and pubs. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit this beautiful place.

When | October

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