With an incredible collection of archeological sites dating back thousands of years, Heraklion shows itself as a potential for knowledge and fun-seekers. Kids are going to love it here also since this port city, and capital of the island of Crete has so much for them to do.

Watercity Park

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Kids absolutely adore water parks, and the city of Heraklion has one for them to that regards. Watercity Park is located in Anopolis, which is about 20 minutes from Heraklion. There is so much to do here, including water games, tide pools, and incredible water slides. If you’re tired, you can get under any of the umbrellas and relax a bit. You can also visit restaurants and bars to order quality Greek meals and drinks.

CRETAquarium Thalassókosmos

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This publica aquarium located in the town of Gournes in Crete is an absolute wonder for young children. It promises an unforgettable experience with its many sea creatures, derived from the Mediterranean and Greek seas. There are sixty tanks here with over 2,000 marine animals, which makes it one of the most impressive aquariums in Greece. Kids can take a tour walking around the facility and taking part in different experiences in their journey. Also available are educational programs to broaden the scope of the kids, and events where they can participate in different physical activities.

The Natural History Museum of Crete

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Kids should always be encouraged to visit museums, especially when they are on a Greek island or city. The reason is that these museums hold exceptional information and knowledge not found anywhere else in the world. The Natural History Museum of Crete, for example, is a great place for people to see a collection of Mediterranean flora and fauna. People who have been here also testified to The Earthquake Simulator, which has become an important feature in the museum. There are also dinosaurs, local wildlife, optical illusions, and plenty of activities to get involved with.

Explore The 25th of August Street

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One of the fascinating things you can do with the kids is to take them walking on the 25th of August Street. Apart from the benefits of exercise, burning fat, and getting sun, the kids will also be exposed to the lifestyle of the people of the island. During the adventure, they will also be able to see the Old Venetian Harbour and the Square of Lions. There are also plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops selling all kinds of food, souvenirs, and gift items.

Go see Agios Minas Cathedral

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To witness the beauty and learn about the past, you can also take the kids to see the Agios Minas Cathedral. Opened in 1895, the cathedral is the official seat of the Archbishop of Crete and is dedicated to Saint Menas the martyr and wonderworker (285-309 A.D.), who is regarded as the patron saint of Heraklion. Help the kids explore the outside beauty and architecture, as well as the interior design along with the artworks that are on display.

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