10Sherwood Forest

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England is blessed with quite a number of magical forests. Faced with growing cities, living nature became a luxury that not everyone in the world has the possibility to enjoy, and more in these times where air, water and land pollution are at alarming levels. That is why we have gathered the most charming forests in England, not only to raise awareness of their importance, but to discover the wonders they hide. Myth has it that there are fairies, mischievous spirits that take the shape of what you fear the most and beasts in these forests. These British forests are dark and very deep. Well, take a walk down to experience fairytales like never before in these enchanting forests of England. Sherwood Forest is believed to be the most popular forest located in Nottinghamshire, England. Sherwood Forest was initially a reserve where royals hunted. Robin Hood and his men camped in this famous forest. When you visit this forest, make sure you see the Major Oak which is the tree where Robin Hood and his friends slept. This tree is about a millennium old. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!

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