The coastal port city of Volos in Thessaly is an excellent destination to be with kids. The city, after a devastating earthquake in 1955, came back to become one of the most adorable places in the region. Here are the best things to see and do with kids as you visit this lovely and homely place.

Ride The Pelion Train

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Volos is always very beautiful, especially during the fall. So, there is no better way to explore the scenery and see the trees and other aspects of nature than taking the Pelion train. The route of the train starts from Volos and ends at the village of Milies while passing picturesque bridges and taking you through an incredible landscape. While you’re on the ride, you’ll be able to see all the major sights, including the incredible achievements of the city in the 20th century. At the village of Millies, you can also take the kids to roam around the streets and appreciate the architecture and lifestyle.

Horseback Riding On The Mount

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In ancient times, Mount Pelion was famous for horse rides and regarded as the place where mythical creatures live. If your kids love horse riding, the mount offers plenty of opportunities for them to ride horses. This activity is beneficial for adults and kids, as it helps to improve coordination, encourage trust, exercise the mind, and increase socialization. The good thing is, the operators have options for everyone, including experienced riders and amateurs.

Archaeological Museum of Volos

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To learn about the history of Volos and Thessaly, head straight to the Archaeological Museum of Volos. The Beautiful archaeological museum offers lots of artifacts. Many were found from the early 20th century and modern archaeological excavations in Thessaly. You will find items from the Argonaut Expedition, the Trojan War, early Christian and Byzantine periods, the Hellenistic period, and the classic period. It’s a huge opportunity for your kids not just to learn about history but also to witness the element of ancient cultures and civilizations, which will help broaden their minds.

Summer/Winter Sports

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If you’re visiting during the summer and winter months, you could as well take part in any of the sports activities that go on here. Start by picking a kid-friendly beach where you all can go swimming. Agios Ioannis in Volos is one of such quality beaches where you will feel safe to have the kids swim. You can also rent a sea bike and let the kids go on and explore, or head on to the Pelion Ski Center that runs on seven ski difficulty levels at the height of 1500 meters.

Agios Konstantinos Park

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For a place of relaxation and play, Agios Konstantinos Park is the top option. What makes this park truly amazing is the beauty, peace, and natural essence of the gardens. Agios Konstantinos Park has plenty of shades of trees, and there are always kids, dogs, and cats playing here all the time. The park is located near the sea, and there is plenty of cafés where you can go and get coffee.

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