Being fully prepared for travel is vital if you want to maximize your time at your destination and enjoy all of the experiences on offer. However, if you don’t plan properly, it could be the difference between a positively life-changing experience or a vacation full of disappointment.

If you’re heading to a different country, there are laws and cultures to consider, so when it comes to getting ready to head to your next destination, there are often things that will be helpful to pack, even though they could seem insignificant. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list below of five things you should have in your bag and why they could be helpful.

Wallet and Passport Holder

It may seem obvious, but having somewhere to keep all your documentation in one place will save you stress and time, allowing you to get away from the airport and think of the beach. Suppose you’re looking at a huge getaway to Australia who, as Timeout reports, have just reopened their doors to international visitors. In that case, you will need a visa for entry and printed proof of vaccination against Covid-19. Imagine realizing you’ve lost one of the items, then you’re refused entry after a 20-hour flight, which will mean you’re going to miss out on that dream of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It makes sense to have it all together, right?

Pocket breathalyzer

There are many countries around the world where alcohol is either completely outlawed or very close to being illegal. So, if you do like a drink, it’s imperative to make sure that you’re not close to the limit. For example, if you were to get into the car on the following morning of a night out in El Salvador and you were found to be over the limit of 0.0% BAC, the punishment can be as severe as death! Best if you check before getting into the driver’s seat.

Nicotine Patches

Alcohol isn’t the only substance controlled differently in certain countries. Tobacco might be relatively easy to lay your hands on in the US, but in some countries, regulations around smoking are much stricter; for instance, in Bhutan it is completely outlawed. If you do use tobacco, then a nicotine pouch is essential for your trip. Indeed, a post on Prilla confirms that compared with conventional tobacco products, they’re cheaper and much more discreet, which is handy for countries with smoking bans. Also, you might be on a long flight, unable to indulge your habit, and again tobacco pouches are perfect; they are a clean and hygienic alternative for indulging in your tobacco habit.

Walking shoes

We love to show off a little on vacation, get out those new outfits, and go out for dinner in our finest clothes and shiny new shoes. But, what about during the day? While the average American walks roughly 1.5 to 2 miles per day, this can easily increase to 6-8 miles on vacation – especially if you take a walking tour around a city. So don’t forget those shoes or sneakers that you’re comfortable wearing for long periods because if you do leave them at home, that evening dinner might be one painful footstep too far.

Travel Adapter

With estimates suggesting that 78% of the world’s population uses a mobile phone, you’re likely taking it on vacation. More people use their phones now than conventional cameras, so you’ll be snapping away on day one, and no doubt you’ll need to recharge it to do it all again the day after. But then you discover it’s flat and you can’t use the power outlet as your charger doesn’t plug in; how will you show the world your fantastic vacation on Instagram? As each country has different outlets, packing a travel adapter will mean no matter where you go, you can make sure you capture those moments of magic for the world to see.

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