New Travel Luggage Rules for 2019 – 2020

In general, the basic and general regulations for hand luggage are unified, but there are notable differences depending on the company with which you travel, the economy class you book (tourist class, business etc.), the rate you hire (basic rate, optimal, excellence, etc.) or the country you travel to. As if all that wasn't enough, these rules are also updated quite often and as travelers we have to do our due diligence and keep up with them if we don't want a piece of our luggage rejected at check-in.

10 Places out of the Ordinary to Visit in Canada

Canada is a country with many attractions, derived from its special location occupying the northern half of North America, and reaching the Arctic Circle.

Travel as a Source of Knowledge and Pleasure

In the minds of most people travel is associated with relaxation, new experiences, pleasure. It firmly entered the life of a man with his natural desire to discover unknown lands, monuments of nature, history...

How To Prepare You And Your Car Before Traveling

Car trouble can be a headache, so you can imagine the kind of problem you will be in if your car ever breaks down miles away from home. Traveling is fun, and if you are...

5 Reasons Post-Covid Travel Is As Weird & Wonderful As Gaming

If you’re an old-school gamer, there’s a good chance that at one point or another during lockdown, you’ve ventured into the attic and dug out your old N64 or Atari, fired it up and...

6 Sweet Spots in Jamaica

Close your eyes and imagine Jamaica… Are you picturing gorgeous golden sands? And crystalline Caribbean waters? Feeling the cathartic tropical sun wash away your worries as you hear waves lapping the shore? If you’ve been to Jamaica, and...

An easy way to send your international parcels whilst abroad or travelling

If you thought sending parcels across continents whilst abroad or away travelling would be a simple matter of dropping it off at the local post office, you should know it’s not as straightforward as...

5 Tips for Your First Cruise Experience

Going to sea for the first time aboard a large cruise has its peculiarities. A cruise is not a mere means of transport but a complete floating attraction that also allows you to visit different tourist sites, a kind of holiday complex that will take you from one place to another.

What To Know If Your Wallet Is Lost or Stolen Abroad

Losing your wallet or having it stolen is a horrible experience, but particularly if it happens in an unfamiliar place. Here’s a step by step guide on what to do if your wallet is lost or stolen abroad, so you can make sure you’re protected from any risks.

Tips for the First-Time Traveller

Being a first-time traveller can be a scary ordeal. Whether it’s a gap year before university or you’re only just now traveling in your retirement years, the experience of adventuring around can be extremely...

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