What is Northern Ireland Famous/Known For?

Northern Ireland where the smell of wet grass, a walk on a street that has been hit by the rain, a castle which the fog has determined to swallow and how beautiful it is to look out over a cliff whose border is the only one responsible for the ocean. With a panorama of stony and dark rocks daring to disturb a furious swell. Horizon of anonymous islets born by an ancient lava spill where only seabirds are able to mediate. What is Northern Ireland famous for? What are those essential places to see during a trip to the real set of Winterfell?


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The city of Belfast cannot be considered solely as a mere base or starting point for touring Northern Ireland. Belfast is many things at once. It is the signifier and meaning of Northern Ireland itself, the city that nourishes questions and stories about the peculiarities of a somewhat complex territory to be explained in a short travel guide. Touring the neighborhoods of Falls Road as well as Shankill Road means, in turn, learning through their painted murals how even what seems impossible can involve a good handshake. The Peace Wall is perhaps one of those meeting points for moments, ideas and memories.

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