What is Ireland Famous/Known For?

Possibly one of the main attractions of Ireland is the hue of green that characterizes it, full of prehistoric ruins that reflect centuries of hidden history, surrounded by beautiful castles that give it a unique personality. The fact is that for these reasons and many others, Ireland is a great attraction for tourists from all over the world. How to get to Ireland? From the three most important airports in Ireland (Dublin, Cork and Shannon), a large part of rural areas can be reached relatively easily. Although from these airports you can take a bus or train to reach the different parts of the country, our recommendation is to rent a car and freely enjoy the wonderful landscape while touring the spectacular Irish coast.

10Westport, Co. Mayo

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The city of Westport is located on the shores of Clew Bay, in the western part of the country. If you like seafood, in this city you can taste the best fresh oysters in the country, enjoy the beautiful beaches of fine sand and take the first bath in the Atlantic Ocean.

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