1. Krkonose National Park

Filled with history and natural beauty the Czech Republic is an amazing travel destination with many activities to offer. This country is home to many national parks, small medieval towns, and fairytale castles. Also, if you are a nature lover is the ideal travel destination to explore natural wonders and some of the most beautiful forests in the Czech Republic. Krkonose National Park is located in the highest mountain range of the Czech Republic, and it is famous for its amazing landscapes and beautiful ecosystem. Additionally, the site is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve for its uniqueness, and it is definitely worth visiting. There are also in the area some small villages, that have amazing restaurants and cobbled streets, which are the best place to spend a weekend if you wish to have an extended nature escape.

Location: Liberec  and Hradec Kralove Region

2. Resov Waterfalls

Resov Waterfalls are a protected area, notable for its natural beauty and stunning landscapes. This forest is located in Nisky Jesenik mountain a quite popular destination in the Czech Republic for its attractive nature. The location is stunning, as you have to cross one of the most beautiful forests to get to the Waterfalls. Also, the route has some abandoned castles to explore until you face the stunning view of Resov Waterfalls.

Location: Horni Mesto

3. Hroboskalsko Forest

Hroboskalsko is an outstanding Natural Wonder, as there is a rock formation being there for hundreds of years, and it is totally worth it. The highest peak of the rocks is 55 meters and usually, passionate climbers reach that peak. If you are just want to explore the forest and relax, the ideal place to enjoy the views is Hlavatice Lookout Rock, which is easily accessible. Also, in the area, there is a luxury hotel if you wish to spend the night there.

Location: Liberec

4. Podyji National Park

Podyji National Park is the smallest park in the Czech Republic due to its length. But, it is quite known for its diversity and natural beauty. It is located close to the Austrian border, and it has an amazing valley that leads to the Dyje River. The route to the park is stunningly beautiful, as you will cross many vineyards and you will be able to look at the oldest wine-productions of the country.

Location: South Moravian Region

5. Moravian Karst Forest

The Moravian Karst Forest is certainly a worth visiting site, as the variety of nature is undeniable. It has a diversified location with many forests, caves, and rivers. It is the paradise of nature lovers.  Besides, it is a protected area, so visitors can have a boat trip to the caves and watch the green forest, which is extremely alluring. It is absolutely a heaven on earth!

Location: South Moravian Region

6. Czech Paradise

Czech Paradise is a national protected area, which has plenty of walking paths through beautiful mountainous landscapes, and exquisite rock formation. It is the perfect place to take your backpack and start exploring the area. It has many surprises for adventurous travelers. Also, there are many pubs in the area, so you will have many places to eat and rest.

Location: Northern Bohemian Region

7. Beskids Forest

Beskids are worldwide known, as the New York Times has mentioned their unbeatable beauty. The area is close to the borders and has some of the most impressive mountains to offer. However, the area has hectares of primitive forests and pastures. So, the natural habitat is quite significant there and totally worth the exploration. Absolutely recommend it!

Location: Borders with Poland

8. Czech Switzerland Forest

Czech Switzerland consists of one of four national parks in the country, and it is called that way due to the high similarity with the alpine region in Switzerland. It includes mountains, extraordinary rock formations, clear rivers, and impressive castles. A significant site in the forest is the Pravcicka Brana, the biggest sandstone arch in Europe. The place is ideal for hiking and enjoying the stunning views of the city.

Location: North Bohemia Region

9. Sumava Forest

Sumava forest is located between the borders with Austria and Germany, and it is heavily forested with a diversity of plants. There are many protected animals in this forest and the country has made it a National Park for that reason. In addition to it, the Sumava Forest was declared as a  UNESCO Biospherical Reserve because of its variety of natural habitat. It is definitely one of the best sites to visit.

Location: Borders with Germany and Austria

10. Divoka Sarka

Divoka Sarka is a superb place to visit when you don’t want to travel for a long distance from Prague. It is easily accessible as you can use public transport to get there. The Park is huge, and you can’t realize that you are close to the city centre. Additionally, it is full of valleys and hills waiting for you to explore. It is the perfect place to be on a hot summer day.

Location: Divoka Sarka


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