There’s More To Cheltenham Than Horse Racing

Source: 3FurlongsOut via Twitter When playing a trip for 2018 Cheltenham might not be an obvious standout venue, but timed at the right moment, it can offer the perfect getaway for not just horse racing fans. The lure of Cheltenham Festival is the main source of tourism in the early months of the year for the region with up to...

10 of the Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Winchester

Winchester is a gorgeous town to visit in England's Hampshire. Here are 10 places you must absolutely see while exploring the city!

Amazing Countries to Travel to on a Student Budget

Sarande, Albania
The Best Places to Travel as a Student Traveling the world is possible at any age but the best time to travel is your university years when you are young and have less responsibility than you're ever going to have in your adult life. Years that you spend in college are probably the only time in your life when you...

How to Budget for Travel

Travelling and exposing yourself to new cultures can be one of the most life-changing experiences. Sights and scenery – from remote tropical islands to bustling, urban cities – inspire our wanderlust, but getting there isn’t so easy. Vacationing takes a lot of money. You need to pay for transportation (to your destination and within it), accommodations and activities on top...

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The Santa Reparata Festival in Florence

Santa Reparata is one of the most popular festivals in Florence that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It's a beauty to see it in person.

10 Amazing Beaches in Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii
Hawaii is an easy choice for vacationers who love relaxing in the tropical weather— and who doesn’t? Traveling to Hawaii means delicious meals, incredible insights into local culture and history, and of course, great beaches. One of the best ways to see the islands is to stay in one of its many Hawaii luxury homes available for rent. Staying...

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Sheffield is a beautiful town in South Yorkshire of England. Here are 10 beautiful places you must absolutely see while visiting!