1. Ancient Fortress of Bock

Luxembourg might be a small Central European country, but has plenty of sites to see. If you are fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Luxembourg, then definitely those are the five places that should be on your list. Starting with one of the most famous scary locations in Europe, the Ancient Fortress of Bock is a place that is mostly visited for its story. Many say that the creepy things happened in its underground tunnels, where many secrets are hidden. If you are lucky enough you may hear the ghost of Melusine, the wife of Luxembourg’s founder Count Siefried.

Location: City of Luxembourg

2. Judy Moran House

Looking for some abandoned places to go? Judy Moran House is definitely the one to go. It is located in a small village in Luxembourg, it is pretty easy to find as it is at the end of a central road. Usually, the house has its door opened, so it will be pretty easy to access it. The story about this house is unexplained, but you can explore it, and find what is hidden there. Many sites of the house are ruined, but in the bedroom, there is a bed and a picture of a couple, who it is said to live there.

Location: Altier

3. Bodein House

In a remote area in Luxembourg, there is at the side of the road Bodein House. Once you entered the house, you might feel like escaping to time, because the house looks like a museum. It dates back to the 60s and has many items and furniture related to that period of time. The experience of this house is quite creepy, and you have a constant feeling of an old man appeared in the corridor, but no one is there. Absolutely worth visiting!

Location: Assel

4. Parc Merveilleux

A scary story has taken place in Parc Merveilleux, and it is definitely one of the best places to go. A myth said about the Werewolf of Bettembourg, who was a soldier returning back home and transformed into a wolf, running after the people of the town, until someone killed him with a silver bullet. The story says that the spirit of the werewolf is still walking through the Parc, and during the full moon, you might be able to see him.

Location: Bettembourg

5. Haunted Waterways of Ettleburg

The riverside of Ettleburg is one of the scariest places you can visit during the evening. Many awkward stories have happened there, and people usually avoid to cross the area at night. There is a ghost of a White Woman walks along the rue de Feulen, and you might see her. Besides, a white cat is said to follow people back home and scratch their faces, once you try to kick her out. Scary isn’t it?

Location: City of Luxembourg


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