1. Karosta Naval Port

Fancy visiting some of the scariest places in Latvia? A country that has a long history with a variety of places to go for ghost hunting. The very first place to visit while in Latvia is Karosta Naval Port, which is widely known for being one of the most haunted locations in the country. The site is surprisingly wonderful and contradictory as it has a historical significance and scary background at the same time. There are also many organized tours to book, but you can stroll around on your own as well. If you are not scary enough, you can stay at night at the Karosta prison, only with candlelight, trying to get in contact with the spirits.

Location: Liepaja

2. Soviet Military Installations

Latvia was one of the first countries occupied by the Soviet Union, and many military buildings were constructed during this time. Once the Soviet troops were gone, the buildings abandoned and some of them left in ruins. A memorable part of the Soviet Union was the ghost-town of Skrunda, which was home to 5,000 inhabitants, and was obsolete with their belongings. It is definitely one of the creepiest places you can go and stroll around.

Location: Skrunda

3. Daugavpils Fortress

Due to the fact that Latvia has a large political history, for a certain period of time after the fall of the Soviet Union was occupied by the Russian Military. So, there are also some locations and ruins dating back to that time, which currently are said to be haunted. One of those places is the Russian Military Barracks, with the most known Daugavpils Fortress, which is abandoned for many years. However, it is left as it was in the past, and many say that usually there are noises and voices from the site.

Location: Karosta

4. Jewish Heritage

There are many sites related to the Jews, such as houses, and Synagogues, but during the Second World War and the Holocaust, only a few left. It is said that many locations that have left demolished, are now being the place for ghost hunting. Some of the most popular are the Jewish cemeteries, where unfortunately many people lost their lives, and locals say that a strange feeling surrounds you once you visited.

Location: Riga

5. German Wooden Villas

German Wooden Villas are covering a large part of Latvia, as the country has many Germans lived there. After the end of World War II those buildings were relics, so there is no one wanted to live there. Some wooden villas that are located at the seaside of the country are said to be occupied by ghosts and other strange spirits. If you wish to experience one of the scariest places in Latvia, then this is definitely the one to go.

Location: Karosta

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