1. Explore Buda Castle District

Budapest is the perfect destination for a couple, as there are some of the most romantic things that you can do there. Beautiful castles, amazing riverside, and magnificent sights are the reasons that make this destination fascinating. A historic landmark in Budapest is the Buda Castle District which is one of the most visited places in Budapest. A scenic cobblestone district with plenty of things to do and see, such as The Royal Palace, the Fisherman’s Bastion, and the Matthias Church. Besides, there are excellent options for food and drink.

2. Visit Fisherman’s Bastion

This site was made in order to commemorate the Fisherman who protected the city, and it is not just a historical site but one of the most beautiful places to visit. The views of the city are excellent, and it is totally worth visiting Fisherman’s Bastion. There are seven medieval turrets, which are stunning, and then you can head to the top level, where you will be able to watch one of the most breathtaking views ever. If you want to experience a romantic day with your partner, you should go in the afternoon and watch the sunset at the rooftop.

3. Soak in Budapest’s Thermal Baths

This is definitely a good reason to visit Budapest, as the Thermal Baths are a must-have experience. You can go for a long walk in the city and shopping, and then head to the Thermal Baths to get relaxed and rejuvenated. It is absolutely one of the most romantic spots in Budapest and alluring experience. You can soak in the hot waters of Kiraly Bath, which is the oldest bathhouse in the city, or in the Ottoman-style Veli Bej bath. Additionally, you can visit the grand Széchenyi Bath, which is the largest bath in the city with more than twenty pools to enjoy.

4. Have a Walk at night on the Riverside

The most romantic thing to do while in Budapest is to explore the city at night. It is amazingly beautiful, and you can have one of the most fascinating experiences with your partner. The riverside is divided into two sides, the high side where is located the Buda, and the low side where is Pest. Both riversides are meeting in the Danube Promenade, which is the best walk you can have in this charming city. The lightning on the river is unique and definitely you are going to love it.

5. Have a Fancy Dinner

Budapest is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, as it has five Michelin awarded restaurants and two Bid Gourmand eateries that serve traditional Hungarian food. All those restaurants are exceptional and depending on your taste and style of food that you usually like, there are alternatives. However, there are two iconic restaurants, the Onyx, which serves traditional dishes, and the food is cooked perfectly, and it has a modern and romantic atmosphere. The second one is the Costes, which is the first restaurant in Budapest that has been awarded a Michelin for its innovative cuisine.

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