Tonga, a collection of islands in Oceania, remains a heavenly place of fun, relaxation, and adventure. What make this place unique is its white beaches, coral reefs, and lots of other high-quality destinations. Their drinks are also amazing, and here are the most popular ones you have to try.


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In Tonga, their national drink is the Kava. The drink is made from kava roots that have been ground and mixed with water. You should know that Kava is a narcotic drink, so you have to be careful about the volume that you consume. On the island, you will find people drinking it while they sit down in bars or front of their home chatting about current affairs.

Tonga Lager

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For the beer lovers, they’re going to like the Tonga larger. Apart from Kava, here is another quality drink you’re going to find quite enjoyable on your adventure on this tropical island. The beer is made by Tonga Breweries based in Maufanga in Nuku’alofa. You will find this larger served in different bars throughout the kingdom, making it an important part of daily lifestyle and cuisine.


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Since the island is filled with tropical fruits and coconut trees, it’s not a surprise that much of their drinks are going to be made from fruits. The story is true for Otai, which has become a very popular drink that is served throughout Tonga Island. Otai is made with a combination of fruits, including blended coconut flesh, pineapples, watermelon, and a traditional apple known as Fekika. This combination is not only tasty and delicious but also very refreshing and nutritious, delivering to you most of your daily nutritional needs. Otai is also the best drink for lovers as you’re going to find it in all the places where romance and friendship are appreciated and promoted.

Coconut Water

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There is nothing more refreshing than having coconut water on a sunny day. Luckily, the islands of Tonga a filled with more than enough coconut trees where vendors have cut them down and waiting for you to come and have them. Most times, the coconut is still intact until you arrive, so you can choose the one you want and have then cut it so you can drink directly. Coconut water is not just refreshing but delicious, highly nutritious, and readily available all over the island of Tonga.

Tropical Cocktails

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In Tonga, you’re never going to get enough of tropical cocktails made from fresh fruits. Already, you know the island is filled with quality fruits that are available everywhere for your enjoyment. Enter any bars, restaurants, and resorts, and you will find out that their menu is filled with different kinds of fruit cocktails that will help quench your taste.

Tupu’Anga Coffee

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These are handpicked, roasted, and packaged coffee produced in Tonga and delivered to restaurants and bars for the enjoyment of visitors and guests. Many locals and tourists like to take the coffee first thing in the morning, and that provided them with plenty of energy to run through the entire day. Tupu’Anga Coffee is very delicious and locally made to optimum satisfaction.

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