5Swiss Beer

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Drinking is a culture for the people of Switzerland because they enjoy it just as they love eating. Back in the days, Swiss wine was like the national drink as it is mostly served with meals in different places and on special occasions since the water wasn’t always safe for human consumption. Tea, Coffee, beer, and liqueurs are also the country’s most important beverages. Here are the most popular drinks in Switzerland. Beer has become a popular drink in Switzerland. Swiss beer is a brilliant brew which is based on the styles and techniques of the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Würtemberg and Bavaria are areas that specialize in beer production, which results in mainly light-colored beer. Beer from Eastern Switzerland in the German-speaking parts is mostly lager.  Examples of popular beer drinks in the country are Calanda Lager, Hopfenperle, etc. Beer from Western Switzerland in the French-speaking regions has a lot of the Quebecois and Belgian’s styles. You can easily find any beer of your choice (dark beers and lagers) in restaurants, bars, clubs, and liquor stores. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!