Myanmar is widely known for its rich resources and renewable energy. You won’t find it difficult having a good time in Myanmar, because of their hospitality, most notably towards foreigners. Also, their drinks are very refreshing, as they are heavy drinkers, but mostly beer lovers. Myanmar men love to drink for relaxation and catching fun. Let’s look at some of the top Myanmar drinks.

Myanmar Beer

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Myanmar beer is one of the most consumed in the local cities and the most popular too. This brand is known to so many visiting foreigners, and it’s widely enjoyed. The people of Myanmar consider beer to be a luxury drink. Its component is (green label) 5 percent alcohol and ‘Double Strong’ (white label) 7.7 percent. Beer is considered to be very cooling and refreshing which is suiting because of the hot climate.

Dagon Lager Beer

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Dagon lager beer is another enjoyable drink for the people of Myanmar. It has a very strong sweet taste, so be careful if you are trying out this drink for the first because of its crisp bitterness and little shivers. This beer is lighter than Myanma beer. It contains 8 percent of alcohol, and flaunts a noticeable metallic taste. It has vodka mixed with glucose syrup which adds to the flavor of the beer to ensure refreshing taste.

Toddy (Htan Ye)

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This drink is a locally made brew, a drink you will love to try with a deep taste of the rural life of Myanmar. Toddy juice is very popular in central Myanmar, and it is made from fermented palm sugar. It’s locally known as a strong drink, and it’s a form of a tradition for the people to always offer this drink as a kind of good gesture to visitors.


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Spirulina is an alcoholic drink with a load of health benefits. Although the taste might not be sweet because of its algae component, which settles at the bottom of the bottle, its sure one of Myanmar drinks highly recommended. Spirulina is made by the Mandalay people and contains ‘anti-aging’ algae from a lake in Myanmar. It contains 7 percent of alcohol and can reduce your cholesterol, improve your complexion and make you look years younger.

Palaung Pickled Tea

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Tea in Myanmar is one the favorite and most enjoyed not only in their local area but also in other countries like Chinese. This tea goes through a drying and fermentation process. It comes in varieties that are not easy to process, as Myanmar people like pickled tea more than anyone else, and it has become a delicacy for them. The eat it mixed with a little oil, salt, garlic and topped off with sesame seeds.

Toddy Tappers

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This drink is mainly gotten from the tree directly, collected once every three weeks. It goes through the process of boiling until it thickens and forms into golf-ball-size lumps. Yeast is added to make it into inexpensive wine that is ready in a few hours to drink.

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