The weekend is best enjoyed by feeling relaxed and stress-free in bars and restaurants. The rooftop bars in Dortmund are the best places to enjoy a beautiful weekend with family and friends serving you with mind-blowing meals and fantastic drinks. In addition to that, people are also very friendly, so you have nothing to worry about. Here are the best rooftop bars you can visit in Dortmund.

5Wenkers Am Markt

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If you want to enjoy a good choice of local beers, try visiting Wenker Am Markt rooftop bar. Although competitive, the prices of the beer are reasonably lower than other bars within its vicinity. The staff are good friendly and always at your service. It is also a nice and quiet place to relax and watch football, especially if you are a great lover of football. The view is also something worth coming here for, where you get to see the beauty of the city while having a drink at the lounge.

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