Undoubtedly, Madagascar is a dream destination for tourists. The island, rainforest, desert, hiking, and diving is worth an experience. The cuisine of Madagascar reflects the African culture as well as the drinks. Settling down for a bottle of drink would be great as the country offers the finest of beers, wines, liquors, rums, etc. that can keep you refreshed during your tour. Here are some of the best drinks you can try out in Madagascar.

Betsa Betsa

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Betsa betsa is a drink produced from the mixture of cane juice aromatized with a decoction of wild fruits (angivy) or certain peels (katrafay, havozo, belahy). This drink is produced on the east coast of the country. You will find the drink sold in most small grocers of the bush with different brands such as Turbo 2, Boum Boum, and Cazanove. When distilled, it becomes rum that is very alcoholic but does not exceed 4 or 5 degrees when fermented a little. The drink will keep you refreshed as the people of Madagascar mostly enjoy it.


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Several countries in the world are known to produce wines, and Madagascar is surprisingly a wine-producing country as well. The real practice of wine activity dates back to 1920 years, which was known to be a tradition perpetuated by the Trappists monks of Maromby. Before the 20th century, Madagascar was born with colonization for all the tropical vineyards. A taste of Malagasy wine produced by seven vineyards will make your experience in Madagascar unforgettable.

Three Horses Beer

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Beer is a drink enjoyed by the people of Madagascar. Abbreviated for THB, Three Horses Beer is the most popular beer in Madagascar that has been available since the Sixties. It is recognized by its yellow label decorated with three heads of horses. If you visit a restaurant in Madagascar and you order for a beer, you will be served with THB. The drink has a very strong dimension of love within the country.

The Ranonapango

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Popularly known as the water of rice or ranovola or the water of money, ranonapango is the most traditional and economic drink enjoyed by the people of Madagascar. The drink is prepared from water boiled with rice and then rest in the pot where rice is already cooked. Ranonapango has a little bitter taste and a brown light color. You will find the drink very refreshing as it helps to fight dehydration. The drink is also known to have a curing effect on diarrhea.

Toaka Gasy

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If you haven’t tasted traditionally prepared rum then Toaka Gasy is the right drink for you. This rum is prepared by the locals in the village. You can enjoy the drink at any time of the day to keep you refreshed. The drink is used on special occasions celebrated in the country, such as marriages, sacrifice ceremonies, and circumcisions. You will find the drinks in many blends as it is homemade, and if not strictly regulated, it can be incredibly strong. Toaka Gasy should be one of your main targets as you explore the drinks of Madagascar.

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