Depending on the occasion and the season, there are different drinks you will find in Kuwait, including coffee, tea, and juices that will quench your taste. Alcoholic drinks aren’t available in Kuwait because it is a Muslim country, but nevertheless, here are some of the finest drinks you can settle for in the country.

Arabic Coffee

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Traditionally brewed in Arabian culture, this high-quality tea is from roasted coffee beans and cardamom. The drink is very popular in Kuwait, just like in other parts of the world. The coffee bean is ground, brewed, and then served to guests. As a visitor to the country, you wouldn’t find it hard to get a fresh, steamy, delicious cup of this incredible drink to quench your taste. To improve the taste, spices are sometimes added to the drink. Some people also enjoy adding milk in order to halter the color. You can never go wrong with a cup of Arabian coffee on a cool morning in Kuwait.


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Apart from coffee Kuwaitis also love their tea. The drink is usually served at lunch. Usually, this is a regular tea, but some people do add flavors to improve the taste. In Kuwait, you’ll discover that the people can’t do without taking it, at least once in a day. If you visit during winter, it’s even better for you, as you’ll be able to enjoy the weather along with your tea drinking. People in Kuwait drink tea often because they believe it improves their brainpower and promotes better physical activities. There are different types of tea you can try including the Kuwaiti tea. It comes in different varieties and is usually served during a traditional tea ceremony on breakfast. To make Kuwait tea, cinnamon sticks and sugar are placed in hot water. There is also the Suleimani tea that looked much like coffee and has historical and religious connections. Also, you’ll be able to explore dried lime tea. Here is a type of herbal tea that is made from dried limes, which have been cracked into several pieces. Tea is fun and is a must for anyone who’s visiting Kuwait to have a taste.


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Here is another very popular drink that the people of Kuwait can’t joke with. Like in the west where Thanksgiving is not complete without Turkey, so also Ramadan and other important religious events in Kuwait is not complete without Vimto. What makes this drink popular really is because of the no-alcohol content. It’s also very delicious and provides the energy needed for anyone to enjoy themselves or to take part in shopping or other events that they love to participate in.

Chai Haleeb

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This drink is very popular in Kuwait because it plays a very important role in the life of the people. It’s usually served for breakfast or dinner with khoubiz al tanoor and served to people in local bars, hotels, and at Kuwaiti homes. Some people like to add milk for better taste. As a guest, we will advise you to drink it without any additions in order to preserve the natural taste.

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