A trip to Ecuador will be incomplete without trying the finest drinks the country has to offer. There are several drinks you can try out like fruit drinks, herbal teas, alcoholic beverages, cocktails, liquors, rums, beers, etc. Here are the best drinks you could settle for during your trip.


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Have you ever tasted a delicious combo drink of different varieties of fruits? If no, then Comibebe is the right drink for you. Comibebe or come y bebe is prepared from a blend of various fruits such as strawberries, papayas, grapes, apples, and bananas mixed together in orange juice. This drink is common among children as it helps to keep them refreshed.


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Another tantalizing drink you will find enjoyable in this country is Jugos. Although made with locally-grown fruits, water, and a hearty dose of sugar, it is mostly found in the Mercados. The drink comes in different varieties such as coco (coconut), and maracuya (passion fruit). It also includes guanabana (a large spiky fruit with a mild melon-like flavor), mora (a more tart cousin of the blackberry), tomate de arbol (a mild flavored red fruit), naranjilla (small orange fruits with a lime-rhubarb taste) and papaya. You could also enjoy the drink when ordered as batido, which contains milk instead of water.

Teas And Coffee

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These are popular drinks in Ecuador that one can easily settle for. Tea is locally referred to as ‘aromaticos’ in the country. Ecuador is also renowned for being one of the largest coffee-producing countries in the world. You can find this as well as hot chocolate in many cafes around the country.


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Paying a visit to Ecuador during festivals is a good idea as you will get to see this drink mostly served as a sign of welcome. Although known to be one of Ecuador’s signature drinks that originated in the Andes, Canelazo is a cocktail prepared from hot water, cinnamon, and naranjilla brandy. The drink is often served in several hotels across the country, especially on cold nights, because it is said to heat up the body and rejuvenate the atmosphere.

Colada Morada

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Just as there are drinks for happy moments, so are their drinks for sad moments. In Ecuador, Colada Morada is a drink that is traditionally served on a day referred to as ‘Day of the Dead.’ The drink is prepared from Andean blackberries, pineapple rinds, blue or black corn flour, and fruits, including babaco and naranjilla. You will find families gathering at the graves of their loved ones with Colada Morada and gaugas de pan-sweet bread to honor them. Even restaurants and cafés in most towns and cities across the country also serve this combination of bread and drink on this particular day.


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Ecuador people do love beer, as you will find out once you begin to explore the city. Pilsner is a blond, slightly sweet, a grainy beer that is renowned for being the most popular beer in the country. It can be found in any small shop or corner store around.

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