The South American nation of Colombia has a fascinating history and culture that drives millions of people there every year. Part of the fun here is the local drinks, which are common with the locals. Columbia is said to be one of the countries which have a variety of natural drinks, both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drink. These drinks are refreshing and cooling too. If you ever visit Colombia, you should not leave without giving these drinks a try.


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This drink is commonly known in Colombia, and you can never miss it anywhere you go. It’s a traditional concoction made with equally part of the beer and Colombia soda, which also has an after taste of champagne soda or cream soda. Apart from being very refreshing, the drink is also said to be complimented alongside (barbecue) or with Sunday lunch. If you lived among the locals, you’d have a great time trying it out with them.


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Colombians also love to drink beer. If you join them in their bars when watching football, you will enjoy their culture of drinking beer while arguing about their favorite sport. Top beer brands in Colombia are Pilsen, Aguilla, Apostol Helles, and so on.


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Chica is not commonly served consumed in all parts of Colombia. But if you’re staying in the rural areas, you’re going to have a taste of it. You’ll be able to get it in bars in the large quantities, often served to the guest and visitors from other countries too. Many South Americans have a version of this drink. However, in Colombia, it is made from fermented corn and sugar or honey, and sometimes pineapple as well. For the records, the makers of chicha have an exceptional love for corn, and they chew it grounded.

Coco Loco

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Coco Loco is one drink you will look forward to having, whenever you visit Columbia. It’s a very natural refreshing drink with a mixture of coconut and lime. Popularly known as Colombian Coconut Cocktail, Coco Loco is served as a cocktail in a fresh coconut or totuma and mason jars. It’s a sure thing that as a guest, you’re going to love this cocktail presentation. To spice it up, it can be mixed with a little quantity of tequila with ice cubes.

Jugo de Tamarindo (Tamarind Juice)

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Tamarind juice is a sweet and refreshing drink, so one can never go wrong with it. It’s a traditional and simplified drink in Colombia, and its characterized by a sour taste too, considered as one of the simplest cocktails to make. The drink is very popular in almost every part of the country and its made from tamarind, sugar to taste and mostly served with ice.


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Kumis is one of Colombia’s popular drinks as well. Just most other top drinks you’ll find it pre-made in every store in Colombia, where you can order for it at any time. It’s made with fermented milk, lime, and sugar, after going through a long process of preparation.

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