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Preserved 9th century Viking ships, mountains, and glaciers of different shapes and sizes make Norway one of the best Scandinavian countries to spend the holiday. While staying in this country, you might want to have a taste of their best drinks. These traditional drinks are popular among the people, and it makes plenty sense if you tried it out. Aquavit is the national drink of Norway and other Scandinavian countries. During the 1300s, many people thought it had healing powers hence the name “water of life”. Since the 15th century, the drink has been distilled from potatoes and grains with herbs added to improve the taste. Aquavit is important to the drinking culture of the Norwegian people. Usually, people take it in small glasses by sipping it slowly. It is consumed yearly in festivals, concerts, and events, and takes part in most of the traditional dishes served at home. Click the next ARROW to see the next photo!